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Meet The Team

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Andre DePlonty

I’m owner, Videographer, Editor and Photographer.

Sarah M.jpg

Sarah Morkin

I'm operations and administration

Caitie K.jpg

Caitlin Kajganic

I'm Videographer and Photographer

Hi, my name is Andre.

I'm a professional videographer and editor with a passion for artistic storytelling. 

I've had the pleasure of filming over a hundred weddings throughout Southern Ontario,

from Windsor to Vaughn. 

Its now 2020 and I've begun working for myself and blessed to be surrounded by a team of talented professionals who help put together some of the most cutting-edge services in this industry. 

Our team takes the time to learn your story and who you are as a couple. 

Not only do we tell the story of your special day, but we also focus on showcasing the experience through the eyes of family and friends. 

This day should be remembered not for "cookie-cutter" moments...

It deserves to be captured with all the emotion, excitement and surprise that is uniquely yours. 


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